How Following Doctor’s Orders Impact Personal Injury Claims

It should go without saying that following your doctor's orders is important, more so if you came from a serious accident. Following your doctor's orders, or "medical adherence," is essential to your recovery treatment so that you minimize any health risks. 

Personal injuries can come from different causes, but one of the most common is accidents. Depending on the severity of your sustained injuries, the costs can be quite high. The good news is your expenses such as medical bills and lost wages can be financially compensated through personal injury claims. 

In line with this, how can following your doctor's orders help you file a personal injury claim? Moreover, aside from your doctor, who else can assist you in settling the claim? Find more information in this article.  

Doctor's Orders

Doctors are the most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to ascertaining the appropriate treatment for you. For instance, they can determine the proper treatment to avoid infection from wounds or lessen the pain from your bruises. 

One example of a serious injury is head trauma, which often requires careful monitoring to ensure that no blood clot forms or expands over time. In addition, it takes quite a considerable time to fully heal from a head injury, or in worst cases, may not arrive in an absolute recovery at all. 

Furthermore, neglecting the doctor's orders may worsen your condition. Your body requires time to heal from severe injuries, and the doctor is the best person who can provide advice on taking care of your health. 

When meeting with your doctor, don't forget to do the following:  

  • If you do not understand something, ask for an explanation.
  • Make a written treatment plan and ask family and friends to assist you in following the doctor's orders. 
  • Make sure you're taking your medicine and talk to your doctor about any barriers that could keep you from sticking to the treatment plan. 
  • Request a refill reminder email from the pharmacist.
  • Make a list of your health objectives and keep track of your progress.
  • Inform your doctor if you have any setbacks or have a negative response to the medicine. 
  • Do not miss out on follow-up appointments.

Always adhere to the medical protocols that your treating physician suggests, especially if you suffer from a chronic condition. Doctor's orders can also allow the at-fault party or insurance adjuster to determine the claims' coverage depending on the seriousness of your injuries from the accident. 

Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster, as representative of the insurance company, assesses the claims offer based on your filed damages. One of the duties of an insurance adjuster is to find ways to weaken your claim, which includes not following doctor's orders. 

Personal Injury Attorney in Alabama

Getting a personal injury attorney in Alabama can support you throughout the process in obtaining the highest possible claims settlement. It's important to follow your doctor's orders so you can help your lawyer strengthen your personal injury claims.


People get involved in different accidents every day. Despite this, it is excellent to know that you can get assistance from your doctors and lawyers to recover from health and financial concerns. 

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