Social Security Disability

Physical and mental disabilities can make it impossible for someone to find or maintain employment. The attorneys and staff at Swiney & Bellenger have the knowledge, skill and experience to handle your Social Security Disability and Supplement Security Income Claim to a successful conclusion. Swiney & Bellenger will handle your claim from the initial application stage through any necessary appeal.

We want our clients to understand the importance of having an experienced attorney take the first step in the process on your behalf by filing their initial application. Too often, the Social Security Administration will deny initial applications for benefits which will require an appeal to be filed within sixty days of your initial denial or you will be forced to start over. By filing your initial application, we can ensure that you will not miss any appeal deadlines, and will be advised of your responsibilities and rights during the initial application stage.

If your initial claim is denied, we will not give up. We will file your appeal and coordinate with your physicians to establish the strongest medical evidence for your particular case. The appeals process can be lengthy, and we want to give you the necessary counsel during the appeal to ensure that your medical evidence and testimony will be the very best that it can be. We understand that the thought of a hearing can be stressful for someone who has never experienced this before. We take the time to prepare our clients and to put their minds at ease in anticipation of the hearing.

The attorneys at Swiney & Bellenger will also advise you of the implications of a short term or long term disability claim, workers' compensation or any personal injury claim that you may have. We are devoted to our clients and want to assist you to get all the benefits that you deserve. Please call us today for a free initial consultation.