Probate & Wills


Swiney & Bellenger, LLC is engaged in a wide range of services in the Probate Courts of Alabama, including Probate, Estate and Trust Administration, conservatorships and guardianships and disputes involving Estates. We guide our clients and their families through the difficult process of dealing with a loved one's affairs, and provide the appropriate counsel to remove the potential legal complications away from those in grief.

The attorneys at Swiney & Bellenger have the knowledge, skill and experience to open an Estate or Administration, deal with creditors and their claims and provide counsel to the fiduciaries and/or beneficiaries of an Estate to ensure all strict compliance with all Probate laws.


There are many objectives and concerns to be addressed when considering an estate plan to protect your loved ones and your assets at your death. Swiney & Bellenger can guide you in the preparation of a comprehensive plan, whether simple or complex, in order to give you peace of mind that your affairs will be handled properly.

Some of the considerations include ensuring that your estate plan will: provide for your spouse upon your death; establish guardianship for minor children; providing financially for your children and grandchildren; place the people you trust in certain positions of management and control, and avoiding unnecessary tax consequences.

The estate planning services that we provide include:

• Simple Wills
• Complex Wills
• Trusts
• Living Wills/Advanced Directives
• Health Care Power of Attorney
• Durable Power of Attorney

The attorneys at Swiney & Bellenger will tailor your individual estate plan to meet the needs of you and your family's needs.